Music Video – “The Weekend”

Dave Rawlings Machine is pleased to announce the release of their first music video, ‘The Weekend.’ The video was shot on a breakneck road trip from Nashville to California. “It was the craziest idea,” says Rawlings, “to document a weekend trip from Music City to the beach and back.” The opening scene shows Rawlings and Welch packing up the ’65 Chevy Impala they first toured in. West-coast bound, outfitted in Nudie Suits and armed with guitars and a beach blanket, the story unfolds over the course of ‘The Weekend.’ The trip is real, the breakdown is real, the mechanic is real, unplanned, but evidence that Dave Rawlings Machine will go wherever the road leads them.

Watch on YouTube:


  1. Love it my mom used to haulme around in an old Impala like that. I can totally see you all touring in it. Once when I saw you all at The Ryman after a show loading your own instruments up after it was over. I totally volunteer to help at the next Ryman show 🙂

  2. Saw the show last night in SF. It was so fun, so full of energy the auditorium was alive! Hope Machine is here to stay. Such creative work from master musicians. Best wishes on the rest of your tour.

  3. Lush and achingly beautiful. I love the flow and feel of your music since the beginning with Gillian Welch. The perfect blend of the bitter and the sweet. Thank you, just thank you for all of your music.

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