The US tour continues / Show Reviews

The first leg of the Dave Rawlings Machine US tour, promoting the new album Nashville Obsolete, is about halfway finished! Below are a couple of our favorite live reviews of the tour: – “Welcome to the Machine, Nashville Style” – Cleveland, OH – “The Dave Rawlings Machine @ The Egg, 11/7/15” – Albany, NY

For US fans, you can still catch Dave along with Gillian Welch, Willie Watson, Paul Kowert (of the Punch Brothers), and Brittany Haas (of Crooked Still) in Northampton tonight, NYC on Wednesday, and several more dates in the southeast through Thanksgiving. The tour will pick back up again after Christmas and finish up out west. Current tour dates are on the website Tour Page.

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  1. well, last night I went to see DRM at the Ace Hotel in DTLA. I just want to say that if I was told that there is a better concert anywhere at any time, I would not believe it. Dave and Gil and Willie and Paul and Tattiana (and the guy from the Punch Bros.) are at the top of their game and it has been like that for some time. Every time I see Dave and Gillian either as the Machine or just the two of them, I am rejuvenated, I feel happy and the world is easier to be in for a few months. That is what their music does to me, it makes me feel good. And by the way, it makes them feel good as well which is evident by watching them perform. Smiles all around….all night long. I’m not going to break down the concert because I’ll let someone else do that, but if anyone ever at any time has a chance to see these guys play, do it and thank me later…lol. Peace. Thanks Dave and Gillian…

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